KERN Laboratory Balances

KERN offers a large selection of high-end quality laboratory balances. From precision balances, density determination scales and halogen moisture analyzers to verifiable half micro-analytical balances.

kern abs balanceAnalytical Balance ABS / ABJ : Large capacity display. An ascending bar graph displays the remaining available weighing range. Sturdy metal housing. Identification number, 4 numeric positions, 2 button programming method. Made by Kern.




kern abt balance Analytical balance ABT :Simple mixture weighing / documenting with combined tare / print function. The components of the mixture are numbered automatically and printed out with corresponding number and weight value. Selectable dosing assistance high stability mode and other filter settings. Simple adding function with auto tare and automatic subsequent data output after each weighing. Made by Kern.




kern analytical balance Analytical Balance ALJ-A / ALS-A / ALT User guidance step by step in the display. Density determination of liquids and solids. Step by step user guidance, the calculated density is indicated directly in the display.. Last digit can be faded out in order to accelerate weighing value results. Metal housing robust and sturdy




moisture analyzer Moisture Analyzers Range of Kern moisture analyzers with heating and automatic controls. Operating instructions are displayed. Automatic temperature controls. Kern accessories are also available and listed.



Kern Accessories & Calibration